Laser lithotripsy is performed under general anesthesia, this procedure can be used to remove or break up (fragment) stones located in the ureter or kidney. A special telescopic instrument resembling a long, thin telescope (flexible ureteroscope) is inserted through the urethra and passed through the bladder and up the ureter to the stone.

Once the stone is located, The light energy of the laser is transported through a light guide to the stone. as this fiber is very thin it can bend with the flexible ureteroscope to reach any location of the kidney stone fragmentation occurs when pulses of intense laser light are applied. The fragments are then passed by the patient or removed with a basket.

Advantages of Laser Kidney Stone Treatment:-

  • Doesn’t need open surgery.
  • Treatment of choice in malrotated kidney and horse shoe kidneys having difficulty to access stone.
  • Can manage stones from any location in ureter or kidney with 99% success rate.
  • Can treat stones up to 3 cm.
  • One day of hospital stay only.
  • Can resume normal duties with in 4 days.
  • Best option in bleeding diathesis.
  • Best option for hard stones.
  • Best option for stones in very dependent lower calyx. Best option for ESWL failed cases.
  • Best option for post PCNL residual stones.